RWell Ayurveda is a start-up that has the vision of bringing all the products for personal care, skin care, health care and pharmaceuticals in one place. Our founder Mr.Haiyul Rathod felt the need of a place where all the products that we require daily should be available under one roof. The idea behind starting an online store for all the skin care and health care related products is to provide the customers with the best of what is available in market at their doorstep without wasting much time and efforts.

Our Motto

The secret behind the excellent health of our ancestors was the fact they used all the herbs and plants available from the mother nature. We have this motto of bringing all the products based on the formulation that was used earlier. RWell Ayurveda is a proud brand that promises and delivers the products with nature’s goodness. As all the healthcare and other ayurvedic products are made up from all natural ingredients it has benefits as it helps in improving the health, helps the skin for rejuvenation, ayurvedic medicines help fight diseases without causing any side effects. There are no harsh chemicals in our products. Our team of experts has tested it and after several trials have come up with the best formulation to serve our customers.

Our Mission

The mission of this online store is to bring back all the natural and ayurvedic preparations for the people. Ayurvedic preparations help in curing diseases and problems without any chemicals. Ayurveda is very ancient, and scientists all over the world have now accepted it as one of the best ways to treat disorders. Other than skin care and personal care products. RWell Ayurveda also offer generic medicines that can be used for general health problems. We also have a variety of other products in Pharmaceutical categories to help all the people to get everything conveniently.