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When it comes to beauty and care, fragrances are an essential part of it and our lives. According to beauty experts, 82% of the people throughout the world use different kinds of scents. 

Difference Between Mist and Perfume

This article is all about the difference between Mist and Perfume. And what are the essential points one needs to know before buying them? And these can even be very helpful to you if you are making fragrances on your own at home. So let’s see Body Mist vs Perfume.

I have represented the main points in the tabulation form, which is compared by the beauty experts between Body mist vs Perfume.

Sr. No.Point to be notedMistPerfume


Long lastingMist lasts for 4 hours.Perfumes last for 12 hours.


Scent Body mist is lighter and airy scent.Perfumes are not as light as compared to mists


Water additionMists carry 45% of water.Perfumes carry 20% of water


Concentration of perfume oilsMists carry 2-3% of precious oils.Perfumes carry 10- 15% of precious oils.


Average costingA really good mist costs $25 on an average.A really good perfume costs $90 on an average.


Alcohol amountMist contains approx 6% of alcohol.Perfume contains approx 3-4% of alcohol.

 To be more precise, let me explain the differences in brief:

1. Long-lasting:

When it comes to comparison between mist and Perfume in terms of long-lasting fragrance, then yes, the mist has less effective time and expectancy than Perfume. Whereas perfumes last longer. You can refer to the above table for the exact figures. If you want a long-lasting fragrance for 12 hours, then you should use perfumes, but if you are okay on applying mist after every 4 hours, then mist is also a fantastic option.

2. Scent: 

The fragrance/scent of the mist is not too strong; it is very light and airy. Mist have mixed fragrances with a balanced amount of the smell. Whereas Perfume has strong scents that last longer. If you suffer from headaches due to the strong smell of you, don’t prefer a much stronger smell than mist is the perfect option. 

3. Water addiction :

Water addition is done in both mist and Perfume. The fragrance of mist doesn’t last long as the water amount is 45% in the mist. When it comes to perfumes, the proportion of water is very less, which is why it lasts longer and has a strong fragrance. I will say you should prefer less water addition in your fragrances, but again it’s your choice.

4. Concentration of perfume oils: 

Mist and Perfume both are highly concentrated with precious oils. More the oil more the expectancy of scent. Mist has less added oil than Perfume. You can also make that out from the above table. If you love precious oils, you can select any fragrances from the two.

5. Average costing:

As per the survey, people are more budget-friendly than brand freaks. So when it comes to spending a particular amount for any product. People usually prefer the cheaper one. Mists are way less expensive, so you don’t need to burn your pockets and purchase the Perfume. Mist comes with less purchasing cost, and Perfume is way costlier. So it is ultimately your option according to your needs.

6. Alcohol amount

The amount of alcohol added in both the fragrances are different, and alcohol addition is done to give each product a significant smell and not a very strong smell. Though mist contains approx 6% of alcohol due to its airy scent, the alcohol proportion does not affect much. Whereas perfumes are stronger and have 4% of alcohol, which gives an over powering smell of alcohol.  

I really hope that after reading this article, you would come to a clear conclusion on Body Mist and Perfume. Also, you can read the printed description on the backside of every product and purchase it afterward. Consult your beauty expert is you have any sort of allergies with fragrances. Here, signing off and will come with a new exciting article soon. 

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