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The reduction of Melanin from the body is effortless when it comes to natural remedies. One thing that everyone should remember is the reduction of Melanin is possible, but removal is not possible at all. As the melanin content is linked with the genes and we cannot recalibrate them completely. So we can modify the melanin content from our body, but we cannot remove it altogether.

How to Reduce Melanin in Body Permanently?

This article is about How to reduce Melanin in the body with the help of natural remedies. There is a process of reducing Melanin in the clinic, but you should try the natural remedies and then if there is no effect then jump to the clinic process.

Here are the natural remedies To reduce Melanin in the skin Permanently:

1. Potato:

  • Potatoes are the best source to encourage the growth of skin cells. They are rich in antioxidants and enzymes. 
  • Make a paste of mashed raw potatoes.
  • Apply the paste on your skin. 
  • You can also rub the sliced potatoes on your skin. 
  • Repeat this process every day and see the difference.

2. Avocado:

  • Avocado is the best source of vitamin B and C for the body, along with this. It has a rich source of fibers too. 
  • They contain glutathione, which works like an antioxidant that inhibits tyrosinase.
  • Tyrosinase is the enzyme that helps to produce Melanin.
  • To use avocado on your body, mash it and get a creamy texture.
  • Apply this creamy paste on your skin, especially the areas which is hyperpigmented.
  • Avocado: watch your skin glow.

3. Lemon Juice:

  • Lemon juice is used in face washes, body soaps, scrubs, and much more. 
  • It contains Vitamin C and Citric acid.
  • This potent ingredient helps in reversing hyperpigmentation. 
  • Lemon juice also exfoliates the pores and stimulates collagen production. 
  • To apply on your face, use the fresh juice of lime on your skin for 5 minutes.
  • Wash it after 5 minutes and see the magic.
  • You can also mix honey with lemon juice and apply for 10 mins.

 4. Tomato:

  • Yes! Tomato. You must not have seen tomato as a potent ingredient in your skincare routine. But tomato contains bundles of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. 
  • Tomato stimulates the growth of new skin cells. 
  • It is also used as a vital ingredient for anti-aging effects. 
  • To use it for reduction of Melanin in body, mash a ripe tomato.
  • Apply the mashed tomato on your skin and leave for rest.
  • After 20 minutes of rest, time, rinse it properly. 
  • You have to follow this step twice or thrice a week to reduce Melanin in your body.

5. Soy Milk: 

  • Soy milk is the powerhouse of protein and fibers. It has health aficionados.
  • It helps to reduce Melanin from the body. 
  • It has a protein named Bowman-Birk, which is the path for transferring Melanin to the outer layer of the skin. 
  • If you want to use soy milk, you need to apply a little of unpasteurized soy milk onto the pigmented areas. 
  • It is compulsory to use unpasteurized soy milk only for reducing the Melanin. 
  • Pasteurized soy milk can wreck the skin lightening property. 

6. Turmeric:

  • Everyone will agree and would be known since childhood that turmeric the prime ingredient for whitening skin. 
  • Turmeric contains curcumin that inhibits Melanin to the body and skin. 
  • To use turmeric, have a cup of turmeric powder and mix it with a little milk.
  • Make a thick paste of these ingredients.
  • Apply the paste on your skin and body, especially on the darkened skin. 
  • Keep the paste till it gets dry.
  • Rinse your skin with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this process every alternate day and keep shining with this natural glow. 

7. Aloe Vera:

  • Aloe Vera is added in so many skincare products and used for moisturizing the body also. 
  • Aloe Vera can easily tackle hyperpigmentation from your body and skin. 
  • Aloe Vera has a tyrosinase that helps to reduce Melanin. 
  • For using Aloe Vera, cut the aloe vera leaf and scoop out the inner gel area out in a bowl.
  • You can directly apply this gel to your skin.
  • If you don’t like the smell of aloe vera, then you can also add rose water in it and give it a nice mix into the mixture. 
  • You will have a smooth paste after that. You can apply this paste on your skin and various body parts, even hair. 
  • Rinse after 30 minutes and see the magic of Aloe Vera.
  • This is very basic, and you can do this on an everyday basis.

I hope you must have got your solutions to control the Melanin in your body. Use these remedies and show your skin confidently. 

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  1. Idris
    March 13, 2020

    This is a terrible article that screams self hate at the top of its lungs. You guys should feel ashamed of yourselves. Darker skinned people have dealt with trying to reach European beauty standards for long enough this is sick.

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