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Hair is the most beautiful part and is always special for everyone. Maintaining hair, treating them with pampers, using n no. of products, and so on. We do a lot to keep our hair flaunting. If you have undergone Keratin treatment, then you need to take special care of your hair. The procedure is really hot for the hair and changes them totally. The keratin treatment smoothens the hair and makes them straight. So you need to take care while sleeping and after sleeping too. 

In this article, you know how to sleep after a hair smoothening and what to do after waking up. 

How to Sleep After Hair Smoothening?

1. Sleeping sessions

You need to keep the utmost care while sleeping. Remember that you had your smoothening treatment just done. This is the most crucial part as there are the highest chances of damaging your hair and loosing straight hair. To keep your hair protected and intact, you need to sleep properly.

  • Leave your hair down:

You have to leave your hair down compulsorily. The day when you have smoothening treatment, remember to cover it and sleep, keeping them all gathered and in the downward direction. Make sure to keep your hair completely straight for the first three days of treatment. If your hair gets folded, then be ready for the consequences and damage too. 

  • Use a satin or silk pillow cover:

Using satin or silk pillow cover will prevent creases and frizz form your hair. The material is smooth, and this reduces friction between your hair and the pillow cover. Make sure that pillow cover is 100% satin else; there is no use at all. Remember that a cotton pillow may cause lots of frizz and ruin your hair totally. Prevent your hair from disasters and use a perfect pillow cover. 

  • Sleeping straight keeps the hair straight:

I can understand the situation if you sleep wrapping yourself, but sorry you have to sleep straight. When you get to bed, easily smooth your hair and lay on the pillow keeping the hair straight. Make sure the hair is flat and not creased. Also, remember you have to sleep straight for the three consecutive days and remember not to break the chain. Even, sleep caps, hair wraps, and scrunchies will ruin your hair while sleeping and will form unwanted waves and crease. 

2. After sleep sessions

After sleep sessions are the judgment that decides whether your hair is going to be straight or not. To maintain the treatment, you must keep your hair straight even after your sleep. Follow the steps, and you are good to go. 

  • Detangle your hair:

As soon as you wake detangle and brush your hair gently so that it regains smoothness and forms straight again. As it is possible that during naps, your hair might get messy.waking up with messy hair is totally okay, but make sure you make them smooth again after having treatment. If you want 100% results, then try that your hair doesn’t get ruined by any factor.

Note: Do not use any spray or serum on hair before brushing and smoothening them. 

  • Double-check your hair:   

As suggested, use Satin or Silk pillow cover for less crease and waves. But it is possible to have some creases and frizz after using satin or silk pillowcase. You can have a hand mirror and check the common areas where there are maximum possibilities of frizz. Make sure to look all over the forehead and the front part near your face. If you notice any frizz, then use a brush to even it out. Give a sleek look to your hair while double-checking your hair. Do make sure to keep your hair straight and not frizzy. Even a small dent, crease, or frizz needs to be straight as it will stay the same after treatment. 

  • No sweaty hair:

It is a possibility to gain sweat on your scalp after napping or detangling hair. The best solution to get over the sweat is blow-dry. It is very normal to sweat while you sleep, so you don’t need to worry much; just make sure you dry your scalp and hair. Use a blow dryer and keep it in the medium heat mode and blow-dry your hair thoroughly. Don’t use high heat products as it can damage the hair. 

  • Straightening out with a straightener:

After using a blow dryer, you will notice little waves and creases, and as soon as you see them, smooth your hair. You can take the help of a straightener to straighten your hair and make them frizz-free and smooth just the way it looked after treatment. Also, don’t use the straightener much run over your hair once or twice only and on low heat mode. 

Remember, the purpose of using a straightener is to flatten the hair and look like newly smoothen hair. 

3. Days of Care

The first three days are very crucial for your hair if you have had a smoothening treatment done. So for these three days, you need to take special care of many things. After three days, you also need to follow a procedure to keep your hair intact and smooth. Read the steps below and know more.

  • Touch-less and brush-less: 

You heard it right, try not to touch your hair and brush hair every minute for at least the first three days at least. It is okay if you comb your hair occasionally to keep them smooth. Touching your hair or playing with your hair and brushing too much can create creases and kinks in your hair. 

  • After three days:

Firstly congrats, you have survived the first three days and kept your hair smooth. After three days, wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. This will help you to keep your hair clean and dust free and also will lock the treatment. Washing your hair thrice a week also extends the life span of your keratin treatment. 

Which shampoo to use:

Choosing a shampoo for normal hair is difficult, and now that for keratin-treated hair is even more difficult. I would suggest you use sulfate and chlorine-free shampoo. As chlorine and sulfate ruin the results of the treatment. Also, I would consider purchasing such products that have labels of Keratin Treatment. You will also find products that have labels of sulfate-free and chlorine-free products. 

Using argan oil:

Argan oil adds moisture to your scalp and hair. After keratin and smoothening treatment, your hair may feel extra dry. Use argan oil after the first three days and smooth your hair by applying it on your hair. Similarly, apply oil as you do while using the conditioner.

  • No styling for a week:

It becomes really difficult to keep your hair free and not styled even a little, but you have to leave your hair open for a week. No curling, no braids, no up-dos nothing. Also, you cannot use hair accessories such as scrunchies, hair clips, and more. 

This is it. You need to protect your hair for the first week only. After a week, it will be your habit and won’t affect you much. Make sure you handle the first week and sleeping sessions too. Stay sassy and keep your hair sleek on. Be ready for more interesting articles. 

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